How to Change Hotmail Password?

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Change hotmail password - Hotmail is one of the types of features are already very well known email. The email feature created by Microsoft. Many people who do not understand about Hotmail. Basically hotmail is another name from Outlook. This is an email feature that is widely used by offices and some companies that use Microsoft's database. Hotmail has a junk email can be deleted automatically without the need to operate. All kinds of spam or emails read for more than 7 days it will automatically be deleted. However, if you use this email feature at the office, then you need to change the password of the administration. It is very important to protect confidential data and various other documents we need. Here I will explain about how to change hotmail password.

Change Hotmail Password

Change Hotmail Password

An Easy Way to Change Hotmail Password

Here are some simple instructions to change your password on hotmail.

  • Open the page
  • Log in using the login data according to the data that you have created
  • Open the summary page and enter the Change Password column> click OK.
  • This page will present the three columns of data. Current Password field contents in accordance with the password that you specify on the login page.
  • Fill in the New Password with the new password.
  • Fill in the Reenter password to the new password that you have created.
  • Do not mark in the column "Make me change my password every 72 days"
  • Click Save and the new password that you create can be used. Automatically old password no longer is used.

Alternative to Change Hotmail Password

Hotmail can also be used to link data such as Facebook, twitter or some kind of other social media accounts. This advantage is very easy to use. You can also change the password feature by using another simple way. One is the use of data from "forgot password” to replace the old password. However you have to make an alternative email address during registration email. If you click on forgot password requests, then a data request will be sent to the email address you have created. After that you can answer the questions according to the data that you enter. This method is simple and easy.

To make a change hotmail password can be done easily. This way evens the same to change the password on another email account as appropriate. But if you do not want to do this step, then it is better to record the password in a secret book.

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How To Choose Open Source Password Manager Software?

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Open source password manager - Do you want to get data security when using the Internet? Everyone always wants to apply a password to all the data in the internet and computer data. There are a few things we need to consider include security and comfort. Many things can happen in some important data such as email, bank account, website data, client login, various chat facility, PayPal, or forum. But not everyone can remember the password. One of the best ways to store the password data is to use open source password manager. Currently there are some facilities that you can use with various offers. The following are recommendations on facilities password manager.

Password Manager from KeePass

KeePass is a password manager that is very safe to use for personal computer or laptop. It is a kind of software that is intended as a desktop based on the password manager. This software will be useful for storing all the passwords that you need. You just need to create a login page to create a special file. This file will be used as the master password according to your needs. How to use KeePass is to copy all master files that you have made to the data base. After that you can install KeePass and use this data to store all passwords. This software is not included in the web-based so you need to do is to get the data password.

Open Source Password Manager - 1

Open Source Password Manager - 1

Password Manager from Passpack

Passpack is one type of open source password manager that is already very well known. PassPack have an account with features that are very easy to use. Many internet users and computers are already very comfortable with this feature. PassPack can be selected with a variety of features in accordance with the advantages and facilities provided. You can choose a free or paid package. This facility offers the advantages of a premium high-level security. PassPack even get the support of data from all types of search engines and can be accessed by a variety of devices.

Open Source Password Manager - 2

Open Source Password Manager - 2

The use of open source password manager is into one of the important parts of the Internet and the use of data in computers. Basically the use of the model is the password storage to protect data as a whole. In addition, this data is also important for everyone who has a wide range file associated with the use of the internet as well as the security of computer data. In addition to these two data provider password, you can still look for other models such as LastPass. So, select all the data providers according to convenience.

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How to Create a Password Protect PDF File?

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Password Protect PDF File - PDF document protected with a password aims to restrict access to all users of a particular document. This needs to be applied because documents confidential and not to be duplicated by a user who does not have an interest. Giving the password could be done to provide protection to the data. In this case the password can be given to certain persons who have a need with such data. PDF data that will be given a password can be through three ways: Acrobat Certificate Security, Password Security and Adobe Acrobat Life Cycle Rights Management. Here are some tips to create a password protected PDF file with Acrobat Password Security. You can practice these instructions to make it easier.

Password Protect PDF File

Password Protect PDF File

Using Adobe Acrobat X Pro

One way to provide the password for PDF file data is to use Adobe Acrobat X Pro. Here are the instructions to create a password.

  • Open the PDF file with Adobe Acrobat X Pro
  • Click the File menu> Properties> Security tab> Password Security> Security Method.
  • Mark the "Require a password open the document"> for password in the Document Open Password.
  • Rewrite the password you've written in the previous password box in Adobe Acrobat> Confirm Document Open Password> OK.
  • Rewrite the password again if you want to give access to change the password on the PDF file.
  • Write the password in Adobe Acrobat> Permissions Confirm Password> OK.
  • Press OK on the window all the boxes Adobe is still open.

This process will end after you click the OK button on the page all Adobe. This step has been completed if you have to get confirmation on creating password protect PDF file.

How to Edit Protection PDF File?

Password indeed will provide data protection against a PDF document that you want. Some people may be less comfortable with the use of a password. But as the owner of the password you can still have access to change or editing PDF pages are required. Here's how to open a PDF data is protected with a password.

  • Open the PDF page you want
  • There will be a demand in the Adobe window to mention the password.
  • Enter the first password you created and press the OK button.
  • When you have entered the correct password, the document will open. But this document is only for reading and printing. You cannot make changes to the data of interest because it has been protected with password permissions.
  • If you want to open the data for editing then still have to open the permissions password you have created.
  • Click the padlock icon and click the link Permission Details> Document Properties> Change Settings> Type in the password you created> click the OK button.

So in this way you can create a password protected PDF file and create a password to change the data as appropriate PDF.

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Is it E-mail or Email?

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E-mail or email? We live in a world that is full of high technology devices so that we have electronic mail services to help us send and receive messages faster than using conventional posted mails. The electronic mail is also called as an e-mail or email for the sake of make it easier to say. These abbreviations become more popular in our society than the complete name of the service. This service was firstly established in 1993 by the main concept of helping an author of a message or a letter to exchange it in a digital form with other people as the recipients. This is a great solution to the distance and time barrier of communicating through the conventional posted letters.

The Host-Based System

People can access digital form of the messages through the central system. By accessing the terminals with remote dial system, the users can also share files with other users and store it in a disk. Of course, this system keeps on being developed in order to provide the best service for the e-mail or email users.

E-mail or Email

E-mail or Email

LAN System

The LAN system occurs as an option for the e-mail or email users. However, it is still have the similar requirement as the host-based system because it only allows users that have the same servers to exchange the messages. This limitation becomes the barrier that makes this kind of service popular among people in the world.

Global Network

Due to the need to exchange messages cannot be limited by the same provider and the similar system, the e-mail or email global network comes as a great solution for the problem. By using this option, people can share and exchange messages to more people without having to use the same e-mail or email providers.

Are E-mail and Email Different?

As stated formerly, people mostly say the word ‘email’ to refer to electronic mail. This term email was firstly initiated in 2011 in order to replace the term ‘e-mail’. In fact, this is not an exact replace because the use of the two terms is still possible to do. It means that it is not prohibited to use a hyphen and to say ‘e-mail’ not ‘email’ and vice versa. It emphasizes that the use of e-mail or email is just a factor of word choice, not to differ the functions and the services that we can get. Thus, we are free to choose which one of the two terms of e-mail or email to use. The only thing that we have to do is just to be consistent of using the term.

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How to Get the Most Secure Email Provider

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Most secure email provider - Since there are viruses and some fake emails, we really want to find the most secure email provider to trust our needs of both sending and receiving messages. However, it is often difficult to decide which one of the email providers gives the most secure service to us. This problem will be more complicated to solve just to know the most secure email provider whenever we use many email providers.

Problem with Secure Email Providers

In order to find out the most secure email provider, we need to encrypt the email providers. Then, we really have to be supported by an encryption system that is the same. In fact, this encryption system is difficult to set up. Though, it is free, the difficult process of setting up the system becomes a serious barrier. Also, there is still possibility of the leakage to occur because of the procedures of the email protocol to do its duty. That is why there are some email providers that can give the encryption service for the users.

Most Secure Email Provider

Most Secure Email Provider


One of the options of the most secure email provider is the ProtonMail. This email provider was established to make sure that we can have a privacy of our email. Indeed, it has some strong features that work best in making sure that our emails are secured. First, it has a full email encryption from the beginning till the end of the email. This feature makes it even secured from the ProtonMail itself. It means that only the sender and the receiver of the email will know the content of the email. That is why this email provider requests the receiver to have a password to access the content of the email. Second, this is so unique that though the feature that this provider has by giving us an encryption system, we can be free in using the service. Even, we do not need to set up this provider. Thus, this is the most secure email provider that is easy to use too.

Are there any Other Options?

In order to find the most secure email provider, we feel that we need to check the options of other email providers. Indeed, there are many other email providers that provide encryption system. However, there is a big risk of using them because they come from many different countries too. In brief, though we want to get an email provider that is secure for us, we should be aware that trying many email providers will just lead to another big risk.

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Decide the Best Email Accounts for Free to Use

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Email accounts for free - We are not new anymore to the world of email accounts for free because many free email providers started to be our companion some years ago. However, just because of the fact that the time has changed, it is better for us to be aware of the email providers, which may change their services. This is beneficial as a consideration for us, whether we should change the email provider or just keeping it the same.

The Changes They Made

Since the time goes by, Microsoft made an important change. Indeed, it has brought its users to a new place, which is known as By moving the users, Microsoft also makes some efforts to steal the loyal users of Gmail by taking a campaign through Hotmail is now losing many of its users. The most success is possessed by Yahoo because most people use it as the only reputable provider to handle all their needs of sending and receiving messages. Apple has made improvement to its iCloud by providing an iOS 7 for the users. Absolutely, whatever the changes they made, we should look deeper to see which one is the best email accounts for free to use. Then, we had better see them one by one.

Email Accounts For Free

Email Accounts For Free


Gmail is one of the most popular email accounts for free that can give us many features to support our needs of sending and receiving emails. It can give us unlimited storage to keep our email in the inbox. By its minimalist design, it can give us satisfying speed of sending and receiving emails. Also, it has an old but effective way to filter messages. It can also sort the messages based on our priority. Indeed, it is the best one of the email accounts for free that are available for us to access.

Yahoo Mail

As stated previously, Yahoo is the most popular one of the email accounts for free that is used by people around the world. The same as Gmail, it gives us unlimited storage. Also, it provides features to help us more with the messaging needs including files attaching options, Font selection, Emoticon options, and many more. It is just so fun to use the Yahoo mail. Indeed, it has smart folders too so that we can select and organize our emails more easily. We had better learn all of the email accounts for free that are available surround us to be sure of which one to fit our preference and needs.

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Test Email Addresses by an Email Address Generator

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Email address generator - We can use an email address generator in order to generate random email. This is necessary for the purpose of testing the email. This procedure of testing email can also avoid our email to be trapped by spam software. Before starting to use the generator, we need to have the email addresses as the input data. Of course, the email address generator should be able to fit the special formatting rule of the email addresses.

The Format of Email Address

It is true that in order to be successful in generating the email addresses, the email address generator should find the most valid format of the email address. Then, we should know that an email address usually consists of three parts in the format. First, it contains the user name of the email. This user name functions as the source to identify the user of the mail box. Second, there is the symbol of “@”, which indicates a border between the user name and the name of the domain. Third, it has a domain name, which is located right after the “@” symbol. This domain name helps the computer to identify the location of the mail box that is used by the person.

Email Address Generator

Email Address Generator

Start Generating the Email Address

In order to test an email address by using an email address generator, we should get the most appropriate online tool that is designed for meeting all the needs of testing an email address. We can search online to see the available online tools in the list, which can be downloaded for a personal use for the testing purposes. Different online tool that will work as the email address generator may have different procedures to run. However, it is common for them to provide one or two boxes to be filled in. We are asked to type the number of the data to be generated. After that, we should click on the word ‘start’ in order to start the process of generating the email address. Then, we need to wait for a moment until the screen views the generated email address.

Email Encoder

Another effort that we can do in order to save our files corrupted by the spam is using an email encoder. We can go online and then fill in the dialog boxes with our information, including the type of the preferred type of the encoding process, the email address, and the encoded email address. Then we can start the process by clicking on the word ‘encode’. Moreover, we can use an email address generator to generate images too. The steps to do are almost the same as the encoding procedure, but we need to fill in more information in the dialog boxes. Then, we will see the generated image after few minutes.

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Easy Steps to Send Fax Over Internet

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Fax over internet - Though email is considered to be a fast way to transfer files, there is still certain condition when it is not permitted to use an email for sending the files. As a consequence we have to send it via fax. Luckily, we can send a fax without the need to scan the files and then print them all. It is true because there is a fax over internet service that we can take as a better option than sending a fax conventionally.

Things to Have

The way to send files via fax over internet will help us save our time and energy. It can skip the complicated steps that a conventional fax machine requires us to do. All we need to have are a computer, a dial-up fax modem, and a land line telephone connection. Absolutely, we have to be sure that the Microsoft windows in our computer provides Fax and Scan application. This is an important requirement to be able to send fax without having to use a fax machine. Then, we have to connect the computer to the phone line before starting the fax function. Also, we should tell the person who will receive the fax not to use the telephone when we are still in progress of sending a fax over internet.

Fax Over Internet

Fax Over Internet

The Cost to Consider

The thing that we have to remember is that this option of using a fax over internet is suitable for incidental and urgent need only. It is because of the expense that we have to pay for sending the fax. Even, the person who gets the fax may be charged too. It means that whenever we send a lot of faxes, the cost will be higher too. Then, we are suggested to only use the fax over internet for occasional needs. If we want to send a lot of faxes, using a fax machine is still considered as a better and cheaper option to take.

How does it Work?

Since we do not need a fax machine, then we need something as a substitution for the fax machine. We need to select an online service for sending fax over internet. There are some different services available, which can be selected based on our needs whether we want to use the service all the time or we just need it occasionally. After selecting a service, we should make sure that the files are in the computer. If the files are in the hard-copy form, then we need to scan it both by using a scanner or a mobile phone option. Then, we should fill in the boxes that contain the personal information about the sender and the receiver including the name of the person who will receive the fax, information about us, and the detail of the fax. Finally, we only need to follow the steps on the fax over internet window easily.

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The Ideas for the Kids Internet Safety Rules

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Applying the internet safety rules for the kids when they are using internet is something a must. Of course, in today’s life, technology is developed really rapidly including the technology of internet and sometimes we just could not avoid the kids to use the technology since it is also such the useful technology not only for adult but also for kids. However, besides all the benefits and simplicity which is offered by technology called internet, of course there are so many other bad impacts which possibly happen. Of course, that is because anyone can easily access any sites with various contents. That is why we need to apply the internet safety rules for kids. For sure, we could not prohibit the kids to use internet because it is such the useful technology which also might support them to learn many things in a good way and effective method. So, it is important for you on dealing with such the proper rules as the regulation for your kids to get the safe internet access in order to decrease the bad impact which might obtain..

Internet Safety Rules

Internet Safety Rules

Making the Rules

When you are dealing with the kids safety on using or accessing internet, it is really important for you to know what to do. First tip for the internet safety rules is always monitoring your kids while they are accessing the internet. That is also good to give them the rules such like in what time they can access internet. Another essential thing to do is going to their online world, such like by knowing what they do, such like on the social media. You can also monitor them through the social media too.

Another essential thing to be done by the parents is giving the understanding to the kids about what the safe access to internet, such like for not giving particular personal information to others, or even for not to upload particular types of photos to their social media account. Then, maximizing the feature of your browser can be a good idea as the part of the internet safety rules for your kids.

Applying the Parental Controls

Another idea for the internet safety rules for kids which you can do is by using or applying the internet parent control which can be useful for the parents for protecting their kids regarding to the bad impacts of this technology. That can be obtained commonly from your internet service provider. That is possible for you to ask your internet service provider on getting it. However, you also can find the software of the parental control easily. So, you can deal with the proper kid’s internet safety rules with no worry.

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Getting the Benefits from Internet Games for Kids

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Finding internet games for kids would not be really difficult anymore since there are so many websites which offers such the games for you. Of course, in today’s life, internet plays an essential role to the life. That offers a bunch of simplicity for people on getting anything. That is including on getting a lot of entertainments in the easy yet fast way. In the other hand, you need to really care about the bad impact on the internet abuse. That can happen to anyone including the kids. That is the reason why finding the right internet games for kids is a must.

Even though many people are underestimating the existence of the internet games for kids, actually as long as we can manage it well, you do not need to be worried on the bad impacts of playing the internet games to your kids. Even, you can get a bunch of benefits from the games as long as you are selective on choosing the games for your kids so that they will enjoy the appropriate yet right internet games for kids.

Internet Games for Kids

Internet Games for Kids

Choosing the Right Internet Games for Kids

As we have said before, there are so many kinds of the fun internet games for kids that can be obtained and played by the kids. Being selective on choosing the games is all that you need to do. You need to consider to the value of the game. Choosing the educative internet games for kids is such a good idea for you. One of the ideas is by choosing the fun math games for your kids so that they can learn math while enjoying the fun games. They would not feel like studying but it feels like playing games. Then, never forget to check the content whether it consists of the inappropriate content for kids or not, such like violence and adult content.

Tips for the Parents

If you have kids who are in love playing the internet games for kids, here are some tips which you can apply for preventing the possible bad impacts which can happen. First, always monitoring and accompany your kids while playing the game. Second, being selective on choosing the game is important. If possible, you can try the game till end then decide whether it is suitable for your kid of not. Then, the next one is applying the security system so that your kids could not access another game or site which might be inappropriate. The next tip is give your kids the right time of in what time they can play the game and give them some rules to play it, such like if they already finished their home exercises or others.

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