Kinds of Flash Memory and What is Flash Memory Used For

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What is flash memory used for - Flash memory is kind of programmable read-only memory that can save files non-permanently. Flash memory comes from how it is made. One file inside flash memory can be deleted only by short time. Flash memory saves and transfers all kind of files in the computer. The format files can be in digital photo, music files, word files, PDF, and many more. The general use of flash memory is usually for saving the setting of BIOS in ROM of computer. If you are worry about the files that you put inside hard drive of your computer, this is what is flash memory used for. Flash memory also works for your problem in facing the secure document you need to keep.

The Use of Flash Memory at the Past and Now

Have flash memory as a hard drive to save files in the computer has better advantages than having the old hard drive. Flash memory is not shaped like hard drive, but flash memory works just like memory card as what is flash memory used for. The static move comes from flash memory will save more power in the laptop than hard drive. Because of the static shape of flash memory, it does not give any little noise as what hard drive works. Flash memory has smaller shape compared with hard drive, so it fits well at the part of laptop.

What is Flash Memory Used For

What is Flash Memory Used For

Kinds of Flash Memory Nowadays

Flash memory can be found easily around the shop in the market or even in the online shop. It is because flash memory gets demanded higher each time as they know what is flash memory used for. Flash memory was intended to be used for the computer, but since the technology of saving files is developed each time, nowadays we can use flash memory for another part of electronics. The easiness in using flash memory that can save the pictures in the camera digital can be transferred into computer. After that, the digital photos can be easily deleted. The size of flash memory is having better space that means flash memory is efficient to be used.

Besides it is used to save digital photos, flash memory is also used for video game consoles. But, for this part, what is flash memory used for is just like hard drive. The examples of memory flash are Compact Flash, Smart Media, and Memory Stick. These kinds of memory flash are used for digital camera. For the flash memory that is used in the laptop, PCMCIA in memory type I and II is used as SSD in the laptop. For video games consoles, flash memory as video game memory card is used. Besides that, memory flash can also function for MP3 player, modem, and digital phone cellular.

Having flash memory needs to consider about the price that is labeled. Flash memory usually has higher price than the old hard drive. It is because what is flash memory used for gives better benefits to be applied in the computer. The expensive price of flash memory is balanced with the guarantee that is given by certain company. Therefore, you need to look and compare for the flash memory before you buy the right one. Consider about the price, the function, durability, and the guarantee for the flash memory.

But, since there is flash memory that is made for smaller space of saving files, these kinds of flash memory is reachable to be bought. As the example, flash memory that is made as memory card for cell phone, and flash disk. Nowadays, flash disk can save up to 16MB and more that can works well for the computer. Any kind of files can be saved into flash disk as what is flash memory used for in short time. Besides that, these kinds of flash memory are light and can be brought anywhere.

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What is the Advantage and How to Install SSD on Laptop

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How to install SSD on laptop - SSD (Solid State Drive) is the media to save data that becomes the trend in the nowadays as the better media of hard disk. SSD is made differently compared with hard disk. Hard disk has the magnetic disk, while SSD has nonvolatile memory that works as memory card or flash disk. Having SSD has better experience since it has high speed of transfer rates. SSD can boot and open applications for better speed. Surely, this SSD can save your time for how to install SSD on laptop and how to use it. SSD is also using less power of laptop. It can save more battery of laptop. Mistake of being rash is more apologized since SSD is durable from the damage that comes from the collision.

Advantages of Having SSD

Besides that, SSD also works with no sound. SSD function in less hot that gives result in using less power of cooler to keep the computer cool. Of course, SSD can minimize the damage of laptop that is caused by the hotness that is produced. Also, SSD has less weight compared to hard disk. SSD has less 50% weight that can give less weight to laptop too. To buy SSD, you need to be careful in choosing the right slot. Some cases happen when people buy SSD but it does not fit correctly to the laptop. It is because the slot disk of the laptop is smaller than SSD. Therefore, you need to make sure before applying how to install SSD on laptop, you have chosen the right one for your laptop. If you are in doubt, you need to ask to the trust seller before buying it since SSD is expensive disk too. But, expensive price that is labeled in SSD usually gives long guarantee.

How to Install SSD on Laptop

How to Install SSD on Laptop

Installing the SSD into Your Laptop

So, if you already got the right one to be installed in the laptop, you need to know the right way in how to install SSD on laptop. First of all, you need to back up the data you have in the hard disk. Moving the data from hard disk to SSD usually gets difficult for some laptops. Backing up the data can also prevent you from losing the data while you are trying to move the data from hard disk to SSD or upgrading the SSD. Also, moving the data between different kinds of storage is not suggested since it gets failed mostly.

It is better if you apply how to install SSD on laptop from the first stage that comes in fresh SSD. It makes the location setting of data can be maximized by SSD firmware. You can also pass through the step without facing data problem. After that, you need to install the operation system. But, since the laptop has many types, so installing process of operation system depends on type of the laptop. Installation of the laptop needs shorter time than installing in hard disk. It takes for seven until ten minutes to install the operation system. The rest of time can be used by installing and downloading the right driver for your laptop. The installation of operation system is done similar to reinstalling the operation system until you install the needed driver in the laptop.

After installing all the drivers, you can use SSD to be filled by your data. Transfer the data you need to be put inside the laptop. Transferring data can be done like usual. Voila, after transferring the files you need in the laptop, you have successfully done your way in how to install SSD on laptop.

Now you can check the whole things that are written above. Try to open the applications in the laptop. Besides that, you can compare the computer performance from the previous disk you used and the SSD you have now. To test the speed in comparing both SSD and hard disk, you can also use the tools to know exactly how fast it works.

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Recovering Deleted Files from SD Card with CardRecovery Software

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Recovering deleted files from SD card - In your time of operating computer or other digital devices, you must have encountered deleted files. When we delete files intentionally, often it is because we don’t need them anymore. Then, what do we do if we do it accidentally? It is even worse when we accidentally format our SD card and leave it clear and empty. If you are one of people who get really upset because of this accident, then you need to consider recovering deleted files from SD card. You need to know that it is not impossible to recover them, even though not all can be brought back.

CardRecovery Software

Recovering deleted files from SD card can be done by software. However, not all recovery software can do their job properly. Sometimes, they can damage the recovered files, like damaged photos, unplayable audio or video, etc. That is why you need to search for the ones who have been highly recommended by its customers or users. Here, the writer would like to recommend you with recovery software called CardRecovery. Upon reading its official website, the writer realizes that it can help you for bringing back deleted files from SD card properly.

Recovering Deleted Files from SD Card

Recovering Deleted Files from SD Card

Why not? This one is award-winning recovery software. This award is the proof that it can do the job excellently. Why giving it award if it cannot give you recovered files. Isn’t that right? If you want to see the actual proof yourself, it would not hurt to use this software to recover deleted files from your SD card. This software can bring back almost all types of file, like photo, audio, video, image, picture, or other data. Recovering deleted files from SD card with this software is very helpful since it is easy and fast. It supports recovery for various memory cards and their manufacturers, situations, audio/video types, camera/phone brands, etc.

CardRecovery Software Tutorial

Now, let’s move as to how to use CardRecovery to bring back your files. Before we start, make sure you have installed this software and connected your SD card on your computer. Once these two are ready, then the process of recovering deleted files from SD card can be started from here. First, open your CardRecovery software. You will see on its screen that there will be four steps you are going through onward in recovering deleted data from your SD card. In Step 1 “Scan Options”, you will have to choose the drive letter, camera brand and file types, and destination folder. Click “Next” once you are done here.

After that, the screen will move to the next step. In Step 2 “Scan Progress”, the scan will begin for you will see the green bar moving from left to right on a white bar. It is said that recovering deleted files from SD card with this software takes few minutes to get it done. During the scan, there will be list of recovered files or data below the moving green bar. If you find your intended files during the scan and you stop the process on the way, you still can recover them so you can rest assured. If the scan is done, it moves to the next step that is Step 3 “Results Preview”.

In this step, you will be allowed to select the intended files that want to be saved. If it is a photo, image, or picture, it will show how it looks on the screen. Select them by clicking the small white square below the images until you see check mark on it. When you are done with it, click “Next” button and you will see another green moving bar in the last step “Recovery Complete”. There will be “open recovered files folder” button for you to see the recovered files on your destination folder. Who knows that recovering deleted files from SD card can be this easy and fast?

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Fast and Easy Work with Keyboard Shortcuts for Word

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Keyboard shortcuts for Word - Are you new to Microsoft Word’s commands? If so, there must be many things that you want to know and actually there are many commands in it. Somehow, it feels so troublesome remembering all keyboard shortcuts for Word. Even so, when you are used to it, it can help you to finish your job quickly and easily when using Microsoft Word. If you feel hard to remember all, then the writer would like to show you keyboard shortcuts that are often used in typing. Try at least remember the Word’s keyboard shortcuts that will be provided in this article.

As you know, typing in computer will keep both of our hands full by touching the keys on the keyboard. If you don’t know keyboard shortcuts for Word, surely you will have to stop typing and move the cursor on the screen by touching touchpad or using mouse. Did you actually feel comfortable this way? Sometimes, people find it annoying when they have to move their hands from keyboard to their touchpad or mouse when they have ideas in their mind when typing which they want to be immediately typed on the Word. That is why keyboard shortcuts in Word become very helpful here.

Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Word

Started from making new sheet of paper in Microsoft Word, you can use Ctrl+N shortcut instead of clicking office button and then New option. Now you have a piece of sheet and you can start typing on it. When typing, of course, you will encounter the time when you need to cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, control bold, control italic, and go to the end or the beginning of your typed words. This is quite a bunch, isn’t it? However, don’t take it so hard. These can be done with easy keyboard shortcuts for Word.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Word

Keyboard Shortcuts for Word

Let’s start learning it one by one. Microsoft Word’s keyboard shortcut for Cut is meant to remove your selected word to other position. When you use Cut command, you will also need Paste command to place your word to the intended position. Ctrl+X will be the shortcut for Cut, while Ctrl+V will be the shortcut for Paste command. Other command that needs Paste as well is Copy. Its shortcut is Ctrl+C and this one is meant to duplicate your selected word. Indeed, you will need Paste command to give it position. Let’s move on to the other keyboard shortcuts for Word.

Other keyboard shortcuts for Word that we will talk about here are for Undo and Redo commands. These are two related commands just like Copy and Paste. However, not all the time we will use both commands in order. Undo command’s shortcut is Ctrl+Z, while Redo’s is Ctrl+Y. When you type something wrong, you can use Undo instead of using Del key. However, you need to remember that it does not necessarily bring you back one word. Sometimes, it goes back few words and even sentence. Meanwhile, Redo is used to bring back the words that you undid before.

Next, you can make bold words with Ctrl+B and italic words with Ctrl+I shortcut. Then, if you want to go to the beginning of your work, you can use Ctrl+Home. On the other hand, Ctrl+End can be used to go to the end of it. After you are done typing, then what about shortcut for saving? There are two kinds of saving. One is called Save As and it is used when it is your first time in saving your work. Meanwhile, the second is Save only and it is used when it is your second time, third time, and so forth after the first in saving the work. There are two different options in office button for them. However, you just need to use Ctrl+S shortcut for both commands. It will automatically adjust to your saving time, whether the first or the ones after that. Keyboard shortcuts for Word will help you finish your work faster and easier, and of course there are still many other commands in Word.

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What is a Notebook Computer? The Difference to Laptop Computer

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What is a notebook computer? - The technology development nowadays has advanced year after year. Many electronic things in the past were made with a good operation system at that time. However, it seems that their forms are bigger than what we encounter at the present. Take computer, laptop, and notebook as the examples here. Computer is a big electronic product that cannot be brought anywhere. Then, compact sized computer called a laptop is made. Notebook also has compact size, but it is still different than laptop. Then, what is a notebook computer actually?

What is a notebook computer? This question has always appeared in people’s mind when they mistake it with laptop computer. Although there are companies which use the term laptop and notebook interchangeably, laptop computer and notebook computer have differences as well. Yes, they are indeed a computer, but notebook has even smaller and more compact size than laptop computer. You can say that the difference basically related to its size and weight. Let’s discuss the difference between those two below.

Laptop Computer and Notebook Computer

Speaking about the size issue, laptop is bigger than notebook. Laptop is around 10 to 20”, while notebook will be around 10” and even smaller than that, fitting enough in a briefcase. As for the weight, laptop can even go up to 12 pounds, while notebook is less than 6 pounds. Simply put, a lightweight and smaller size of laptop is what a notebook computer is. A question like “what is a notebook computer” can still be answered by other differences as well. Smaller size might also simply mean that it has reduced things.

What is a Notebook Computer

What is a Notebook Computer

Just like how the size and weight are reduced, other components are reduced as well. This is what a notebook is, so don’t expect it to have all laptop components in a more compact size. Notebook is not a laptop computer, so what is a notebook computer? Let’s see their capacity differences. Typically, laptop will advance more in its capacity and even go up to 1TB on the hard drive. However, as you expected, notebook will have around 512GB of hard drive. Laptop’s RAM is 4-12GB, while notebook’s is 2-4GB. Thus, you can say notebook has smaller capacity than laptop.

Let’s move to the other difference related to its components. Actually, notebook has almost all components of laptop, but it also lacks in some things. The obvious one is CD/VCD/DVD Drive. Laptop is big and spacious enough for this component to fit in. However, this component is removed in notebook since it is too narrow for the CD/VCD/DVD Drive to fit in. Furthermore, notebook has less cooling systems due to the limited space as well. Does this answer your “what is a notebook computer” question? Indeed, notebook lacks CD Drive and additional cooling system.

Laptop and notebook still differs in their battery life. However, instead of always becoming the smaller being in every aspect, battery life is the aspect that makes notebook a bit superior. How come? Actually, due to the compact size and reduced components, the need of battery to run the machine, fan, and screen brightness is reduced as well. Because of it, you can save your notebook’s battery life for around 5 to 14 hours. On the contrary, laptop needs much energy to run them, so it usually lasts for around 6 to 10 hours. However, this battery life still depends on the kind of battery, laptop, and notebook themselves. If you buy a really high quality product, of course, it lasts for that long. Basically, “what is a notebook computer” question can also be answered by saying that notebook is a portable computer that has longer battery life than laptop computer.

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Custom Mouse Mats, Putting Your Creativity on the Road

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Custom mouse mats - Computer is always equipped with a mouse-looking thing to operate it. This mouse-looking device is then known with the name “mouse”. Without this one, we cannot move the cursor on the computer’s screen. You might be okay with laptop or notepad which has touchpad, but mouse is pretty essential for computer since it is the only way to move a cursor. However, mouse cannot work properly without flat surface. Sometimes, it still won’t work when you place it on the floor. For this reason, things like custom mouse mats are made.

Custom mouse mats are actually a kind of mouse mats. What makes it different from other mouse mats is that we can decorate it according to our will. Basically, mouse mats are plain-looking. That is why in order to have an attractive look, they are made with picture or writing printed on it. Indeed, you can always choose whichever design you like, but have you ever consider of having your own design printed on it? Then, custom mouse pads can be your answer here.

What to Choose for Custom Mouse Mats

Well, there are things to choose for custom mouse mats. The first you need to choose is the kind of surface for the mouse mat itself. There is plastic laminate which is good since it is known for its fine durability. It allows good visibility on your small writings as well. The other commonly used type of surfaces is fabric. This one allows you to have permanent printed picture and writing. Furthermore, with rubber backing, either plastic laminate or fabric surface can be pretty convenient with its flexibility. When it is bent, it can return to its original form.

Custom Mouse Mats

Custom Mouse Mats

The second thing to choose for custom mouse mats is the shape. Normally, there are square and rectangular shaped mouse mats. However, there is other unusual shape that looks almost round yet not completely round at all. This one is usually completed with wrist rest made from gel or foam. Often, it is made to resist dust and stain as well. For customized mouse mats, the next thing to choose is the image design itself. Sometimes, people only take a liking to picture, but picture is not the only thing you can design on your mouse mats. Let’s see kinds of its design below.

Custom Mouse Mats Printed Designs

Custom mouse mats have countless designs printed on them. Picture is the most common design for mouse mats. The pictures are often taken from fictional characters and other famous pictures known by many people around the world. Sometimes, the pictures are taken from scenery as well. People also like to have writing on it within the picture. These sure are what we commonly find in most custom mats. However, you can encounter limited designs from only buying them. You should have ever encountered the design you don’t like that much yet it has surface and shape you like.

This way, customized mouse pads become useful. You can put your creativity on the road at the same time too. Making your own design by putting your photos with some writings can be pretty good since you can arrange it whatever you like, from the placement, the color choice, the word, etc. Custom mouse mats also can be pretty useful with note paper and calendar designs. It remembers you the time and the note you have each day while you are operating your computer. Don’t you think it is both useful and convenient? It can also serve as a gift for your friends and families. They will absolutely like and appreciate the things you make on your own.

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Do Not Email List, How to be Free from Unwanted Emails

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Do not email list - Finding crowded email in our inbox is often annoying, especially because of the fact that they are unwanted so that we want them to be in our do not email list. There are some reasons that make those emails unwanted. One of them is that it contains some products’ advertisements, which we never ask of being informed to. The online shops can always find people’s email address so that they directly send their advertisements in order to get new customers. Others unwanted email can be derived from unwanted newsletter, which we never sign up for free subscription, unwanted insurance offers, and unwanted loan services. Obviously, whatever the form of the unwanted email, all we want is to make a do not email list so that we can be free from them.

Know Where to Go

Be patient because the unwanted email can be stopped by making a do not email list. Start by finding the most reliable service for helping you stop the email. There are many services available such as the DMA’s Mail Preference service. This service allows you to choose whether to stop the unwanted email for five years or even to make it as a do not email list forever. All you need to do is just login the website and register for the service. Another way to get the service is by sending a request through email, which requires you to spend $1 as the processing fee for the do not email list.

Do Not Email List

Do Not Email List

Simpler Alternative to Consider

Since the unwanted emails come from various sources, it can be a burdensome task to make a do not email list by using certain services. However, there is another solution that can be selected. It is initiated by the antispam group, which provides a universal service for stopping the unwanted emails. People can access the universal opt-out site for one time in order to completely remove the unwanted emails. Also, they can report the emails that are expected to be included in the do not email list and make them as a spam violation. This report should be sent to the complaint link provided by the antispam group. The next thing that will happen after sending the complaint is that our name will be shown to the companies that send us the unwanted email in order to let them know that we do not want the emails. However, some companies may have systems that against the antispam system so that we may still get some emails from them.

What to Do Next?

Just like diseases that make us ill, the old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ also beneficial in this ‘do not email list’ problem. Indeed, after being free from those unwanted emails, there are some steps to do in order to prevent any kinds of inconvenience caused by their appearance. The first thing to do is to be careful in sharing our personal information, especially our mobile phone number and email addresses. It is suggested that we only share the information to people who really have clear purposes of using it. Also, it is necessary to read carefully any information stated in each commercial web form or else we will receive emails that are categorized as those emails should be in our do not email list. The third thing is something that most of us often ignore, especially because we are in a hurry to spend more time. Yet, it is strongly recommended that we check the terms of privacy policy provided by each website. Check whether there is a policy states that the company is allowed to sell our personal information. It means that skipping the terms of privacy policy for the sake of saving our time can only cause another unwanted emails that we want to throw in our do not email list.

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Firmware Nexus 5 Review

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Firmware nexus 5 - Firmware is persistent of combination among the memory and program code in data store in any electric system and computing operation. It containing embedded system, computer, peripherals, mobile phone and digital camera it to provide control on the every device.  Changing the firmware may required some special ROM or flash memory because it was applying permanently after the product was manufactured. Firmware nexus 5 was receiving update from android 5.0.1 it was good news for those people who waiting for the updating and also the fans. It was number of bug and security update so the elimination of problem devices, it looks so promises upgrading.

There are many people with variant reason would like to rooting their phone back to the natural as the first time that manufactured. Firmware nexus 5 is available for those people who look the idea that provide for any kind of android instead. Generally boot loop was the famous issues as the reason, this condition where the flashing and custom build so the new mode occurs in one action of the phone mobile. And will force the rooting level on the editing which will annoy for the user. Make some ROM back up is required if you are want to start for the rooting.

Flash 5.0 N5 Tool

The addition tool for the firmware was created by Julian, one of XDA forum member. As the XDA reporting, the item will automatically flash up on to android 5.0 lollipop firmware nexus 5 in two minute.  It may surprisingly, but the creator claim that the tool can be useful in boot loop or boot loader mode so in normal section. And note stock firmware nexus 5 useful also for unlocked boot loader. The installation is quiet simple you just need to open the development thread and follow the instruction so learn about the tools.

Firmware Nexus 5

Firmware Nexus 5

How It Work?

Here are following instruction to read for the rooting of firmware nexus 5, but for the first you are required to have Download the latest stock firmware for your Nexus 5. Turn of the nexus then hold down the volume and power button together at 2 second of minute until boot loader menu showed. Rebooting the system while you are in boo loop mode with holding button downs to 15 second. Connect it to your computer USB. This is the first step to deal in rooting mode on your computer so take it easier dude it just beginning.

Open your command prompt on your window and for the linux and mac open it in terminal emulator. This is easier but if you don’t know it just look to google and if you still did not get it, throw the phone you better live in the jungle. When the windows opened typed cd Download then enter cd hammerhead-krt16m-factory- bd9c39de then press enter again. After then type cd hammerhead-krt16m then enters. Replace the hammerhead-krt16m-factory-bd9c39de and hammerhead-krt16m with the directory name of firmware nexus 5 you already download. The adrenalin did not stopped here keep in type fastboot device for the windows user, chmod755* then enter /fastboot-mac devices and chmod 755 * enter /fastboot-linux devices for both of mac and linux.

The last step is flashing the actual stock firmware nexus 5. After flashing, the deal was near to finish when it is done successfully, that will show a welcome sign in the end. Need a more attention and focus on typing the code and if you are lucky the firmware nexus 5 will work directly in your phone mobile. Note to make a beck up to your ROM data is really, really required even though it guarantee data save on.

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Best Ways to Make Your Computer Faster

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Ways to make your computer faster - Computer was becoming important thing around as at recent days, it also has big impact to our social life for the large point. Computer industrial has also increasing more significantly since the consumer population rate in high number. For variant reason, peoples are considering it becoming a important thing to hang around and be best friend on work. But with all phenomena that has been appeared, the operation of computer system is interesting to analyze because with all capability that offered by computer to help human activity, sometimes it force some trouble to the user. Late loading in operation is common problem that showed by computer and complaining by the user. Ways to make your computer faster is first idea that may appear in your mind.

Simple Idea of Faster Way on Computer

There are lots of ways to make your computer faster than usually, it will start from simple to difficult idea to deal. Files are first idea to begin the quicker of computer operation, over time of computer use the user usually did not aware of file also can affect the operation even though it was lighter for the storage but wisely to collect the important and remove the other is required. Step to make your computer faster is same way to clean your unused program to save the storage. Find the control panel to deal the unwanted program to uninstall it. Not that computer need balance condition, it consist of quality storage to operating the system.

Ways to Make Your Computer Faster

Ways to Make Your Computer Faster

Take attention to your computer to more routine restart action if you are in high activity in your computer because it will clear the memory more and close the whole of program that running so also will give your computer a space to get refreshed. After a restart clean up the system using CC Cleaner is recommended ways to make your computer faster. Over time of computing, the data setting also usually followed to be corrupted, broken and force to clog up the data file. But with C cleaner that provide the list of unwanted data will helpfully to those active user. Rearranged the file desktop, many of us did not aware it will cause the slowdown of performance. Make them in one file to make it easier to find.

For the window computer, turn off the sidebar that appearing short information such gadget tools like weather forecast or sport result because it can affect and caused the computer sluggish.  Then do step to make your computer faster at the same way on your Visual effects. Window graphic is best way to give your best performance on the PC but it also can cause a drain resources and slow down on computing so many of us did not aware of it. Turn of the windows visual effects will affectively toward speed boost on best and guide the ways to make your computer faster.

The next steps of the ways to make your computer faster are check you recycle bin storage. This storage was identically as the last place to put your trash and your hard drive dose. Deleting them for twice as in the storage because it is also required some space from Hard disk. But note to keep the file that you are interesting to put. Check the indexing option because it affects the overall performance on your PC by dragging the heels and remove the tools.

The last step to make your computer faster is checking the updater tool and software, with development of the there are some file will encourage in your computer but will bothering the operation if the updating is not required. If you are in operating make sure there is not program that run in one time because it will affect the ways to make your computer faster.

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Knowing Kinds of Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Networks

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Advantages and disadvantages of computer networks - The computer networks become something important nowadays. Yup, everything connects with the networks. In the office, in school, and other public places, the computer networks are available as the kinds of the public service. Moreover, the development of the technology, especially in the smart phone, uses the network as its important thing in the selling packet. However, knowing about the advantages and disadvantages of computer networks are also important. The knowledge of it will be useful to make us being careful when using the network. Here, I will tell some kinds of the advantages and disadvantages of networks that maybe can be information for you.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Networks

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Networks


The Kinds of Advantages

The computer network was built with so many advantages that will be useful to ease the job of the people. However, in this article about advantages and disadvantages of computer networks, I will tell the advantages first because I think it is more important to be delivered. As I say before, many advantages of computer networks are available that can be an important thing in people life. The advantages of it will be useful to make their job look easier, or will be useful to enjoy their leisure time. The major advantages of the network is the file sharing. With the computer network, the people will be easy to share the file wherever they are.

Then, in this article about advantages and disadvantages of computer networks, the next advantages of computer network are inexpensive set-up. With the computer network, the people, especially you will be able to have the file easily and also less cost. Yup, it is true because the network will provide the file that you can download it, as you want. In this case, you will be free with the hardware cost. Then, another advantage that you also should know is the storage capacity. In this case, you will be able to save your important document, such as files, photos, or others via computer network. The example of it is the cloud app. It can be your virtual flash disk!

The Kinds of Disadvantages

As the theme of this article, advantages and disadvantages of computer networks, I also will tell about the disadvantages of it. Knowing the disadvantages of the network will be important to be careful when we want to use the network in our daily activities. The major problem and also the disadvantages of the computer network is the security concern. As we know, the computer networks save our important and maybe secret document. Then, to make it secret, we make some passwords on it. Yup, it is true but the password sometime will be hack with the hacker. The hacker will steal the important information from our accounts.

Then, another kind of the disadvantages that should be explained in this article about advantages and disadvantages of computer networks is the virus and malware. Those two things is the illness of the computer network. Yup, it is true. When the computer network was infected by the virus or the malware, you cannot operate it well. The system will be destroyed by the virus and malware. Sometimes, the virus and malware will share the unimportant material or news that will make you lay on bad condition. Therefore, adding the antivirus in your computer will be needed as the computer protection from the virus and malware.

As the explanation above about advantages and disadvantages of computer networks, it can be conclude that with the important role of the computer network in our daily activities, we will be important to know the details of it. Knowing the detail of the computer network, especially the advantages and disadvantages of it will be useful because we will be wise in using the computer network. Besides, knowing the details of it will be useful to make us know about the problem of the network and we will be able to avoid it before it infects the computer.

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